Gear For Sale > Formatt 4x4 matt-box filters, Set of 4

1/4 Supermist, 1/8 Supermist, 1/4 Low Contrast, 1/8 Low Contrast. $90 per filter, or $300 for the set (OBO). (Current list price for each individual filter is $193.50US/257.24CDN + Import Duty at B&H) All glass is scratch free in excellent condition. The supermist filters create a nice subtle ‘glow’ around light sources like on-screen practical lights, windows, highlights… “The Formatt Supermist Clear Filter is both a diffusion filter and a good way to take the edge off of today's super sharp lenses.  It is great for establishing a dreamy mood, yet, retains the overall sharpness of the image without making it look too soft.  It lowers contrast by opening the shadows but does not spoil the overall look” The low-con filters raise blacks and lowers whites to help achieve a low contrast look in-camera or to even out high contrast scenes. “Formatt Low Contrast Filters are used when the sun is too bright and the shadows too dark and it is difficult to get good detail in both at the same time. Formatt Low Contrast Filters reduce contrast by allowing more shadow detail.”