The Next, Next Step in Digital Production

The Super 35 digital sensor craze has lasted for some time - And as the DSLR Shallow DOF frenzy fades it leaves us wondering what the next step of cinemas technological progression will be.  

Panavision is betting on even larger sensors!  Early details point to a 70mm digital cinema camera they have been developing.  

Panavision has typically been at the forefront of cinema technological advances - their Genesis camera having been the go-to digital cinema camera for many years until Arri, RED, and others surpassed the capabilities of that camera.  But such has been the cycle; Panavision sets the standard, and the others play catch up.


Windows to Mac... and now back?

Many years ago I switched from the Windows platform to Mac.  Primarily the move was for professional reasons, as I was more and more required to work on Final Cut projects.  It didn't take long for me to fall in love with OSX and FCP.  When the time came to update my home set-up, FCP on a Mac was an easy choice.  Fast forward 10 years and I can't believe it... I am actually considering switching back to a Windows based platform.  The latest version of Final Cut was anything but Pro on the day of its release.  While most of us were waiting for FCP 8, what we got was FCP X.  iMovie Pro and ex-fcp are names thrown around quite often to describe the lacking software.  A totally new redesign from the ground up, with no backwards compatibility, no external monitoring, nor any way to work collaboratively with other softwares, such as an audio suite or colour grading suite, something the pro user needs for many projects.

Apple decided to re-invent the wheel and as such has displaced it's pro user base.  Some have stuck it out with the new version of FCP.  Apple eventually updated the software to bring back some of the features that arguably should have been there on release day.  I have used it on a few projects and do enjoy some of its new features.  But can I base my business on it?  I don't think I can.  Apple have shown overwhelmingly that over the passed many years its primary focus has shifted far from the pro user group that championed the platform during a time when few where using Macs to the consumer/prosumer.  Great for iPads, iPhones, and laptops...  not so great for those of us who need the horsepower of a tower.  They have become a company that will tell us what we need, rather than give a balance of that innovation with what we actually want.  The termination of Color and Shake, the handling of the FCP re-invent, Mobile Me and .mac, the many years delay in an actual update to the MacPro line...  All indications that it would be unwise for me to invest too heavily into any of their pro products or hardware.

I am not ready to jump ship just yet - as my current MacPro tower still has some life left in it.  I am leaning toward the Adobe suite of products to replace Final Cut Studio, which will also run on Windows.  So sometime in 2013 I will need to make that decision.  With no viable power tower in the Mac lineup I am leaning back toward the platform I so gladly left many years ago.


"Meat Without Drugs"

Came across this animated campaign via Greyscale Gorilla.


Not only do I agree with the message - I also love the 3D animations.

As a self-taught intermediate user of Cinema 4D, I aspire to be able to efficiently build animation strings like these.  



Still Motion in Vancouver

Sept 22nd - Great opportunity to learn some tricks of the trade by the awesome team @ Still Motion. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to event production, commercial production, and more...

Of course I'm already booked to be in Calgary that weekend :-(


Suite with a view

Not all edit suites are dark windowless caves! My home for the month is the sales suite at CTV-BC. Enjoying my view over Robson @ Burrard.