RED Hydrogen

RED has entered the mobile phone market today with the RED Hydrogen. Of interest is the 3D/Holographic display which does not require glasses to view.  RED is touting it as "The world's first holographic media machine in your pocket."   The phone will also undoubtedly connect to the RED cameras and have the ability to control camera and menu settings as well as a display.  It is also modular, so there will be a slew of attachments for it. I'm thinking camera, audio, and storage solutions will be the first attachments out of the gate.  The Hydrogen is scheduled for release in Q1 2018... But going off RED's typical release delays I'd put that closer to Q3.



Watchtower of Turkey

Just stumbled on this article detailing the creative post process of the viral Vimeo hit "Watchtower of Turkey".  The creator of the video, Leonardo Dalessandri, goes into some great detail into how he put it together.  Seamlessly making straight cuts feel like organic fluid transitions by matching colour, movement and other themes shot to shot.

Watchtower of Turkey from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo.



Misfit Bolt

Loving this idea.  A standard socket light that is wirelessly controllable via an iPhone app. Will be buying a set to keep in my light kit.


Hero 4

Stunning footage from the upcoming Hero 4!  Very nice!


The Raglite

Great idea here! Would be perfect for lighting in remote locations and tight spaces.  I hope they get their funding.